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The Matrix Resurrections Decoded!

The Matrix Resurrections movie, released December 22, 2021, received so many mixed reviews. There were people who claimed the movie did not meet their exceptions, and others who said the movie was executed perfectly! If you are the kind of person who watches movies only for the action and special effects, then you may be disappointed, because this movie was much deeper than that. However, if you are the kind of person who enjoys a movie with a deeper meaning, something that expands your mind and makes you look at life with a different lens, then The Matrix Resurrections may be ideal for you!

WARNING: Be advised, there may be some spoilers included here, so to avoid any disappointments, its best to watch the movie first then come back to read this right after. In this article, I will be decoding some of the hidden gems placed in the matrix, the significance of various characters, the plot, and also bringing to light similarities in our own modern world.

What is the Matrix?

According to the movie, the Matrix is a virtual simulated reality created by computers in order to trap and enslave humanity. Interesting enough, some people speculate whether we are indeed living in a simulated reality that resembles a video game. Your physical body is your avatar that allows your consciousness to operate and move it at will in 3D. When we incarnate into the matrix, we forget that we are more than this physical vessel, and it is part of the game for us to follow the hints and clues given to us by our Higher Selves, to remember why we came here and who we truly are.

The Mirrors Are Portals:

Instead of using phone booths like in the classic Matrix movies, now they've learned to use mirrors and doors as portals into other worlds. What could this mean? Well, mirrors have always been known to be mysterious and magical portals between dimensions, realms, and worlds. When we look at the mirror we see our reflection, or who we perceive ourselves to be. Mirrors are also known to be deceptive, hence the phrase "smoke and mirrors". In order to see beyond the reflection, one must be able to see beyond the illusion of the matrix in order to pass through the secret gateway towards Truth. Realize, that Neo was not able to pass through the mirror until he stopped taking the blue pills that were keeping him sleep. He was only able to see beyond the illusion of his false reflection once he woke up and took the red pill. Once he was able to see who he really was and what he was capable of, thats when he broke the veil between the matrix and the real world.

The Analyst aka Neo's Therapist:

One of the main antagonist of The Matrix Resurrections was the Analyst, Neo's psychiatrist. The Analyst checks in with Neo regularly to ensure that he is taking his meds and being a well behaved pod in the matrix. It is the Analyst who prescribes blue pills to keep Neo functioning in the matrix, without questioning authority, reality, or rules. Whenever Neo tells the Analyst about seeing and dreaming things that hint towards his consciousness waking up, the therapist quickly convinces him that its all in his head and that these intuitive thoughts and feelings that he is having is all part of his "trauma" and psychosis.

Now, lets take a moment and see how this happens to many people all over the world today. There are many doctors, therapists, and mental health professionals that are being paid to keep their patients dormant and stuck in a mental stupor. Ask anyone who has taken anti-depressants or psych meds and they will tell you how deranged and confused it makes them feel. The Analyst's job is to keep tabs on the mentality of individuals, and monitor their consciousness level. Whenever those consciousness levels start to peak, the Analyst comes to dissuade them from any suspicion or speculation that something may be very wrong with the world. We see this all the time on TV or social media, where a doctor or "professional" is hired to calm the people down and convince them that everything is fine and under control. This is a method to avoid anarchy, mutiny, and global chaos. When people started raising hell about the forced vaccinations and quarantine camps occurring around the world now, the keepers of the Matrix hired their puppets aka analyst to pacify the people with lies, false hope, and distractive entertainment.

People who have been able to see beyond the veneer of the matrix have always been considered, crazy, deranged, or psycho. These same people who threaten the very fabric of what keeps the matrix together are considered anomalies because they are the very select few who question the system. Like in most computers, there is sometimes a virus, that threatens the system. Well, those rare individuals who have gained knowledge of self and awareness would be considered the virus to the matrix, yet the medicine for humanity's evolution!

Who is Agent Smith really?

Agent Smith is the algorithm that wants to be human and escape the matrix.

Agent Smith and Neo are archenemies, yet have a very interesting relationship. When Neo woke up from his slumber, Agent Smith mentioned how much he missed Neo. For every Neo, or illuminated being, there will always be an Agent Smith. Without Neo, Agent Smith is just another cog in the matrix wheel, with no true purpose but to play his role and keep things moving along in its normal routine. However, people like Neo stir things up in the matrix, they influence others to question reality, their purpose, and higher calling beyond this superficial world. Agent Smith is like a chameleon, he can literally be anyone. This is why opening up to family, friends, coworkers, and colleagues about your consciousness journey is not always wise, unless you know for certain they are also a free thinker too. Opening up to the wrong people can have you thrown in a mental institution, arrested, or even killed.

Reincarnation is a Trap!

The fact that Neo got sucked back into the matrix, forcing him to forget everything that he worked so hard to remember, is a prime example of what happens when we get stuck in the karmic loop of reincarnation. The key to leaving the matrix is to master one's own mind and release all attachments that keep them imprisoned here. When we reincarnate, it is because there are still certain lessons that we have not mastered, or certain experiences that our soul must have in order to evolve. The matrix serves its purpose, acting as a school to learn life lessons while having a human experience. The key is to not get so caught up in the game that you lose yourself and your soul.

Rendezvous of Soul Mates

In the scene that takes place in the Simulatte coffee shop, Neo and Trinity are not in their original form but have taken on different avatars. In this part of the movie, though they do not recognize each other, something interesting happens! They both feel a strong magnetic pull, something beyond physical, something spiritual that draws them closer. When they are introduced, they feel like they have already met and known each other before.

How many of you have every met a person for the first time but instantly felt a nostalgic connection? There are some people we naturally click with because something in our soul remembers them. Even though the human mind may forget, the soul always remembers. These people are our soulmates, or soul tribe. Our soul tribe incarnate with us to help us grow and elevate out of this matrix. Neo and trinity are prime examples of soul mates destined to meet, no matter how many times they reincarnate. Soulmates have a big mission to accomplish, which may sometimes take lifetimes to complete!

The Agenda To Keep SoulMates Separated

Being consciously aware in a world full of bots is the dilemma of most people who have unplugged themselves from the matrix. This is not by accident. Some people are systematically put in our path to distract us and keep us from attaining knowledge of self and elevating out of here. Sometimes it can be a spouse, a relative, a close friend, a coworker, and even a neighbor that is put in our life path to be our personal antagonist. Remember, Agent smith takes on many forms. It is our duty to have the discernment to move out of our human emotions and think with our higher mind. Its easy to fall back to sleep when your therapist tells you you're crazy, your spouse is convinced you've lost your mind, and society ostracizes you for thinking differently from the herd. Sometimes the very people we love the most can be programmed to keep us sleep in the matrix, thus perpetuating our demise.

When Lovers Unite: Trinity & Neo

The matrix attempted to keep Neo and Trinity separated because their bond always created chaos to the system. When they got together they created miracles and changed the world together. The divine masculine and feminine energies becoming one is the goal to true Nirvana. The one thing that threatens the matrix is True love. Love of our own divine masculine and feminine aspects. To find our other half, unite our avatar with our higher self, to become one with Self, is the goal to break free from this simulated realty!

The reason that Neo was no longer able to fly, and Trinity was, is because Trinity has always believed in Neo even when he didn't believe in himself. It is difficult being on this conscious journey alone, especially when the majority of people around you are still hooked into the matrix and refuse to get out. It is important to have a strong support system of like minded individuals who will support you, especially when things start to get rough. The matrix will even distract us with toxic relationships and family that are strategically put in place to keep us from finding out soul mate, our other half, our true selves. In the movie, Trinity was married with kids to another man in the matrix. This caused her to forget her true calling, and also her relationship to Neo. Even though they felt a strong connection like they met before, the matrix kept putting obstacles in their path to prevent them from becoming one.

Goodbye Zion, Hello Io:

After the war ended between humanity and machines, Zion perished and Io emerged. Io is the new world where machine and humans live peacefully together. In the world of the matrix, we see what happens when the advancement of technology surpasses the collective human consciousness. In the world of Zion, we see what happens when humans elevate in consciousness but have not learned how to utilize technology to help them evolve in their everyday workings (food, healthcare, transportation, etc). In the world of IO, we see what happens when human consciousness elevates in harmony with technology to create a thriving world.

Technology is not bad, it is only bad when put in the wrong hands. But when put in the proper hands, it can create breakthroughs and miracles. This is something that reminds me of what I read in the book "Time and the Technosphere". In this book, author Jose speaks on how humanity as a whole has been in a long stupor, yet the advancement in technology has surpassed the spiritual evolution. When this happens, we begin to start seeing things break down, and dysfunction within our own circadian rhythms and the world around us. We are at a point in our lives where humanity is starting to wake up on a global scale.

Only Free minds can manipulate the Matrix:

The reason Neo and Trinity are able to bend the Matrix to their will is because they have gained control and mastery of their mind. Unlike the majority of the population that allows governments and systems to control them, the free thinkers who seek to escape the matrix, study and practice self mastery to destroy the matrix. When we think of the matrix we think of the systematic program humans have been conditioned to live in since birth. The school system, the employment system, the financial system, the government system, the drug and health system, etc. All of these systems put in place to keep us on the hamster wheel doing the same thing everyday until our battery dies. Most people never question their sanity or the matrix because they are constantly under stress. Stressed about work, bills, kids, school, and feeling a pressure to meet society's standards to be labelled "efficient".

The truth is, nobody can tell us how to live. We don't need governments to control us and give us man made laws. Humans choose to give their power away by allowing these false leaders to dominate their livelihood and tell them how to think and behave. Modern slavery is difficult to detect because there are no physical shackles, the true chains are on the mind. Once you understand the matrix and all its many systems, you begin to learn how to manipulate it to work in your favor.

My Conclusion of The Movie

My effort to the decode the matrix may seem a bit scattered because thats how I felt watching the movie. There was no linear message or story line, everything was kind of mixed up intentionally for the viewer to use their own third eye to understand the message being conveyed.

Overall, The Matrix Resurrections showed that it’s easy to fall back to sleep and into the program. In order to reawaken we have to constantly make effort to remember who we truly are. The matrix is designed to keep us in a perpetual state of sleep. The majority of the population may be in a state of slumber, but we cannot wait for them to wake up in order to change the world. Change starts with us. Take smalls steps towards improvement and self mastery one day at a time.

What do you think about The Matrix Resurrections movie? Were there any hidden messages or gems that stood out to you? Let us know!

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Interesting, haven't seen it yet but you got me anxious.


I Am Tha Real Jew
I Am Tha Real Jew
Dec 30, 2021

Well isn't this a nice surprise. I wasn't expecting you to post again so soon. I wanted to read your post but I haven't seen the movie yet. I'm all for deeper meaning of story telling. I've been a little on edge about watching it do to all the mixed reviews I've heard but I might just check it out.

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