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Why Spiritual People Can't Find Love?

One of the main trending issues I see many people in the spiritual conscious community face is finding true love. Most would argue that your true love is your higher self. Of course this sounds great, and you should always love yourself most of all! However, let us take a brief moment to go a bit deeper, shall we? Human beings have always been known to operate and move in tribes. Not only that, but it is in our nature to find our most compatible mate to procreate with. The more we become knowledgeable and conscious of ourselves, we also raise the stakes for our selected partner.

As women, we send out the subtle signal into the universe that let other men know that we are ready to mate. Those men that vibrate at our frequency or who have the comprehension to respond to our telepathic mating call, find their way to us. Due to the great awakening, more people are seeking their divine partner, more popularly known as a "Twin Flame". Unfortunately, quarantine in 2020-2021 happened, thus making dating and meeting new prospects quite troublesome. Call it a reach, but part of me feels as though there are sinister powers at play that know there is a great awakening happening amongst us, and seeks to avoid the massive twin flame union. It is believed that when the divine masculine and divine feminine species wake up and come together, they will bring forth the demi-gods that we have heard so much about in urban lore. What if all of the stories of ancient heroes were not just about the past, but a prophecy of the future?!

Everything happens for a reason, and no low level being has the power to stop what is meant to be. Though love may be delayed for a while, the divine chosen ones will mate and bring forth new legacies that will be world renown. The challenge here, is for us to put our differences aside, and learn to adapt to the upcoming changes of the world. The reason they have kept us inside our homes is because there are strong cosmic waves hitting the planet, causing not only the planet to wake up, but the inhabitants to also respond to the cosmic awakening call. The DNA and vibration of all species are accelerating at a faster rate. The volcanos that have been sleep for millennia are waking up, new creatures emerging out of the depths of the sea, legendary beings that once hid in the woods are coming out into the public eye, and those once upon a time rumored UFOs are no longer a mystery, but a FACT, as more government declassified documents surface.

So the question now is, what do we do moving forward? What if we indeed are ready for love? How do we overcome blockages put in place that hinder us from realizing our dreams? The answer is: to do the healing work necessary to remove the energetic blocks first, so that we can be telepathically able to send the signal AND get a desired response! Usually, the blocks are within us, not outside of us. "As within, so without!" We must ensure our inner universe is harmonious to have any sort of influence on the external world.

For those who are feeling hopeless and giving up on finding high vibrational healthy love in a desensitized cold world, I want to share something personal with you. Not long ago, I was at the brink of losing hope in love. I thought I was doing everything possible to attract my divine mate to me, but I was coming up short every time. All of the rituals, candles, love baths, and come to me work was falling short and only attracting lame low vibrational dudes who didn't want long term healthy love, but only short term lust. Grown boys who still had the mentality of a wounded child that never got healed. Men with codependency issues who wore a mask to appear nice, but only were hiding their deep woven insecurities that eventually flared up when triggered. I was getting frustrated, reanalyzing and rewriting my list of qualities until I got an intuitive nudge that told me this was NOT the way! I realized that instead of getting upset at the projection, I had to reevaluate the projector: MYSELF!!! I was determined to figure out what was truly blocking me, so I spontaneous decided to go through a powerful shamanic journey all in the name of LOVE!

The root cause of my block was that I was operating more in my masculine energy, instead of my abundant Feminine core! I was so used to trying to be in control and fix everything by myself (blame my Capricorn moon), I forgot what it felt like to be receptive, vulnerable, and trusting. I started studying and putting out the signal to the universe to help me find the healers and teachers necessary to help me along my journey. As I traveled around the world, meditated, and went back to my sacred ancestral roots in North Carolina, I meditated with the trees in the forest and realized the answer that I sought was always inside of me! I was in my own way!

It was emotional pains that I was subconsciously holding onto, it was the fear of heartbreak and repeating the past mistakes that kept me reliving my trauma and trapped in a time loop. Finally, I did the reiki, massage therapy, acupuncture, and various other forms of spiritual work to move those energies out of my meridians (chakras).

After doing this intense work, I noticed an undeniable huge shift within me and my universe. I was now being guided by Spirit to seek and attract my divine mate. I also began trusting my intuition more and realizing the difference between a good and bad match with my energetic vibration. I realized that no person is “The One”, but it is up to me to choose my most compatible mate with whom I choose to procreate. I am no longer able to have the luxury of making the same foolish mistakes I made in my teens and early 20s. I am realizing that although I am a Divine Being, I am still having a carnal experience as a Human being, thus I must go through trials and tribulations. As spiritually conscious beings, we must fulfill our duty to heal ourselves first, bring forth the demigods as ancient prophecy foretold, and do our due diligence to our tribe and society.

As I continue to learn and grow, I am beginning to trust myself and the process significantly more! Doing the healing work has allowed me to attract my divine masculine, like minded supportive friends, and opportunities I never would've imagined! I learned how to transform my pain into prosperity! True Alchemy! I say this all to remind you that all of this is possible for YOU too! Change starts with YOU!

We have to remember to get out of our own way. Love the person we are becoming, and honor the person we used to be. Never forget what the past version of you had to endure just for you to get to this point in life! There was a point in time where you didn't have all of the things you have now! Always be grateful for all you have, love yourself more, learn yourself more, and naturally you will manifest the true love you deserve!

Tired of feeling frustrated from the same issues and ready to break the Karmic Cycle? Sign up for Conjure Queen's FREE 3 Day workshop covering shadow work, healing, and more! It's a life changing event you don't want to miss!!!

Are you ready to attract your divine partner? Are you currently doing the healing work necessary to attract the mate you desire? What do you think is preventing you from attracting your mate? Let us know in the comments.

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8 Komentar

Excellent, You Are Appreciated, Much Love, Respect and Peace!!!!!!!!!




03 Jul 2023

Thank you for pouring into me today! I stumbled across the recent video you made about accessions symptoms and so glad I ended up here! I felt like it was so spot on and definitely for me to receive so please continue to share your knowledge Queen because it is very important! Pray you are aligned with the people, places and tools to continue to connect with us and use your gifts!

Love and light and blessing to you -Cielamor


Anggota tidak dikenal
21 Des 2021

Wow this really go me thinking, I’m so blessed to have seen this a decided to read it. I think it had answered a lot of my questions needed. Thanks so much. I have started Reiki on myself it helps at the moment but I feel I need more and I actually maybe and I need to look further into what I can do to help me unblock my chakras and get energy flowing. Meditation and reiki isn’t enough I need to do more and now I have great ideas. 💡


Quassiah Weaver
Quassiah Weaver
17 Agu 2021

So beautiful. Thank you Conjure Queen. All your content is on point.

I've gone through the same thing. I came into the dating world late, in my mid 20s I only had 2 serious relationships and they was both toxic. Long story short I realized that I have a lot of unresolved past trauma, lack of self worth and love for myself and the need to let go forgive myself and others. Still working on it. It's hard. It's been almost a year since the last and I'm still healing. But I learned so much and learned to pick up on peoples vibes when you 1st meet them. People let's us know who they are in the beginning, but it's…

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