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Have Agents Intruded Into Your Dreams?

One of the things I have noticed happening to a lot of those blowing the whistle on the tyrants that are disguised as leaders in our society is spiritual infiltration. Many people have told me that they have been having weird dreams about strange men dressed in suits spying on them or harassing them in their dreams. Some have also seen them in their waking life as shadow people or dark figures moving in their peripheral view.

This makes me think about the movie Inception, where men have a special device to enter into peoples dream to plant subconscious seeds of thought to make them do their bidding. When I looked further into this, I discovered that the military actually has a unclassified document that is readily available to the public called “project star gate”.

In short, project star gate is a military operation that has been going on for decades where the military uses psychics and mediums to astral project and remote view people. This was also disclosed to us in the popular Netflix series called “Stranger Things”.

The reason these agents are spying on us is because they see us as a threat to their authority and to their plan to depopulate the world and control the masses. The eerie thing is, they have been watching us for a long time, before we even woke up to our purpose and remembered our calling! This is why a lot of us have had experiences being spiritually attacked as small children. This was an attempt to scare you into shutting down your psychic centers and inhibit your DNA from evolving.

Fast forward to the present, they are now attempting to shut down our spiritual power by injecting us with poison disguised as the covid 19 vaccine. This post is by no means meant to shame or belittle those who have willingly accepted the vaccine, but this post is to spread the truth about the sinister agenda of why the government is coercing citizens to receive it. All of this is apart of a big plan to enforce operation population control, and to make a more docile submissive race of humans. This is the reason why they need to break down your dna.

Who are these strange men entering dreams? Are they humans? Military agents? Demons? Aliens? Perhaps they are espionage entities that exist solely on the astral planes? One thing is for sure, the best way to protect yourselves from their advances is to strengthen your mental power so you wont be easily seduced by their subliminal programming during your sleep state. The mind is easily suggestible when it is in sleep mode, this is why our elders always instructed us to say our prayers before sleep. Wearing a protection amulet specifically for bedtime, having a dream catcher over your bed, sleeping with a glass of salt water and camphor under the bed, are some helpful ways to ward off these unwanted energies.

Have you noticed any agents in your Dreams? Have they appeared in your waking life? Let us know in the comments below.

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