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Venus Retrograde 2021-2022: Relationship Shifts!

Being on this spiritual journey is anything but easy. Not only must we focus on healing our own stuff, but we have to grow through building healthy relationships with people who are facing their own issues as well. Venus will be retrograde December 19, 2021 until January 29, 2022. Venus rules relationships, our connection to others, our value systems, and matters of the heart. This is going to be a great time for healing, transformation, and elevation. If you are embarking on your spiritual journey and actively doing the work, you will see how these shifts within yourself will soon begin to affect those closest to you.

One of the things I learned on my spiritual journey is that everything corresponds, and everything is connected. This means, when you are healing yourself, you are also healing those closest to you and those you come in contact with. Energy is contagious and sometimes we as spiritually evolved people unknowingly influence the minds of others around us.

One of the most painful things I ever had to do while on my spiritual journey was walk away from people that I deeply cared about because I realized our relationship was stagnant. The more I delved into my self development and spirituality, the quicker my evolution took speed! This felt great growing and delving deeper down the rabbit whole of truth, but then it also pained me to see those I loved not moving anywhere. Naturally, I wanted to nurture them, support them, and give them all the resources and tools to help them grow. Unfortunately, I quickly begin to understand the old adage that "you can lead a person to knowledge, but you can't force them to think." Realizing that staying around these people who were not striving towards higher understanding nor trying to improve their quality of life was only weighing me down and stagnating my life.

Many relationships end because one partner outgrows the other. The one who remains stagnant and ignorant to their inertia, doesn't see it, but the partner who has taken the necessary action to grow has a wider perspective on the situation. Arguments arise because the more evolved partner is reflecting back to their stagnant partner all of the aspects of themselves they refuse to heal and develop. In every relationship there will always be a slightly different dynamic where one partner is more or less advanced than the other. At this point, the one who is more advance can choose to stick around and try to help their partner grow and elevate to a higher frequency, or they can accept their differences, leave peacefully, and find someone else who is more on their speed. On the contrary, the partner who chooses stagnation also has a choice to push past their own limiting ego, face their demons, and heal their pain and traumas that prevent them from progressing forward, or stay stuck in the same hackneyed cycle. Each person always has the choice to stay or walk away. NEVER stay in a relationship that is no longer serving you.

The ultimate purpose of relationships is to help each other grow in some way. In a relationship, if you feel you are no longer learning from your partner, or that you have nothing else to teach your partner, then the relationship will become stale. The only way relationships prosper is when each person takes responsibility for their own healing and growth, and recognize the reflection their partner is mirroring to them. Some people who are in denial, or deeply wounded are afraid to face these aspects of themselves, hence why they deflect and project their pain and insecurities onto their loved ones. The solution to heal this is therapy, meditation, and lots of quiet time to self reflect. There is no way to escape shadow work and healing. It is the only way to advance and level up!

The world is going through a major shift, and because of that each individual person is also shifting; as above so below. During the next 6 weeks of Venus retrograde, pay special attention to how the relationships around you will change. Take a closer look at the relationship you have with yourself. What is your perspective of a healthy relationship? Are there any toxic traits within you that needs healing? What type of relationships do you wish to manifest? What relationships in your life are stagnant and needs to be released? These are all excellent questions to meditate and reflect on at this time. Be mindful not to make any major decisions during this time (ie break ups, engagements, marriages, etc) because the heart may be in an unstable cloudy place. Instead of starting new relationships, try focusing on the relationships you currently have in your life (platonic, romantic, etc) and see the reoccurring patterns.

If your current relationships are not improving you or assisting you in your journey in anyway, then maybe you have outgrown these patterns. Perhaps now it is time to pursue relationships that challenge you to learn more, grow more, and become an even better version of yourself. Just remember, the relationships you attract is only a reflection of the type of love and relationship you have for yourself!

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