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Leo Full Moon 2022

Ah yes! It's that time of the month again! The moon will be ripe and full in the sign of Leo February 16, 2022 at 12:10pm EST. This lunar Leo energy seeks to bring fun, adventure, and laughter into your life. This Leo full moon will affect a lot of people's self esteem, relationships, confidence, energy levels, and creativity.

Bring the Drama

Since Leo brings such a huge "larger than life" dramatic energy, be prepared for drama to try to enter into your reality. If you are the type of person who avoids drama by any means, then expect for other people to try to bring drama to YOU. Drama is not always a bad thing. Sometimes people lack excitement and adventure in their lives, so subconsciously they create all types of dramatic situations in their lives in order to feel a sense of "fun".

Celebrity drama, old beef, and even gossip may occurs around this time. Be wary of spreading rumors or engaging in idle banter that will lead to no fruit. This Leo energy causes you to question where in your life do you need to bring more fun and excitement, and how can you shine more light upon your hidden talents and gifts.

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Childhood issues unlocked:

Leo is ruled by the sun. When we look at the sun, it is currently in the sign of Aquarius, forcing us to focus on the parts of us that are weird, quirky, or challenges societal norms. With the Leo full moon, lots of hidden emotional issues may resurface, especially childhood issues. With valentines day just passing, be careful of unnecessary arguments or emotional triggers flaring up in relationships. Family, friends, and even romantic relationships will have a lot of emotional shifts.

Prudish much?

If you haven't been having much fun and been locked up the house, inhibited, focusing on responsibility, and living in the mundane routine of life, then this Leo full moons grants you the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and socialize. Leo is a very sociable sign, so with the moon being in leo, this will be a great time to have open communication to others and speak your truth. There will be a light and playful energy in the air, causing people to be more receptive and open to having much needed conversations.

The heart of a lion!

Nothing grows in comfort zones! Time to unleash that inner lion and pursue those dreams! With this Leo full moon, you will be given opportunities to expand, show your light, and express your creativity. If you have always been dimming your light to make others around you comfortable, then now is the time to show people what you're really made of! Being too humble will keep you broke, undervalued, and overlooked. This Leo full moon challenges you to show the world the real you! Show people your true talents and speak your affirmations aloud unapologetically!

Full Moon Ritual:

A great full moon ritual to do is to carve the glyph of Leo onto a candle, face the direction of the full moon, and speak out load what you want to accomplish. This is an ideal time to work on self esteem, confidence, communication, healing relationships, creativity, business opportunities, childhood trauma, and all matters of the heart (Leo rules the heart).

If you have been feeling fatigued, unmotivated, introverted, depressed, lonely, or stifled in life, this Leo full moon will help shake up the energy by bringing more fun, vitality, excitement, and adventure into your life. Pay attention to the people you meet and connect with at this time, as the Leo full moon will expand your connections and relationships with others.

What's your plans for the Leo full moon?

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