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Are You A Black Sheep? You Come To Bring Great Change To the World!

"A child who is not embraced by the village, will burn it down to feel its warmth."

- African Proverb

Ah yes, the infamous black sheep. Every family has one. You know, the person that stands out from the rest, the wild child, the one who probably says strange things at the dinner table, challenges authority, or the one who questions traditions that seem outdated or controversial. If you have always felt different from the other members of your family, then chances are, you may be a black sheep! But you’re not alone! There are lots of others who feel different too, and trust me, it’s all for good reason! We black sheep come to shake things up and make BIG changes in the world! Get ready to roll up your sleeves because this article may strike some cords, irritate some triggers, but most of all inspire you to embrace your weird quirks and make a powerful difference in your bloodline!

Let’s talk a little bit more about what a black sheep is and why out of everyone in the family, you decided to take on that role when incarnating on Earth. The black sheep is the anomaly. People may think that you’re weird, odd, or out of place, but that’s not a bad thing! The black sheep, aka YOU, come to change up the dynamic in the DNA sequence of your bloodline. These anomalies happen in each generation but most members ignore this inner calling. It’s a inner feeling we all sense when we are children.

Feeling different from the other kids on the playground and even carrying yourself differently from your other siblings and relatives. You can see all the chaos and disorder around you and from an early age you know you have work to do. You understand and see the signs of toxicity in your family, and you willingly decided that you will behave differently and break the cycle.

The reason why other family members who carry the black sheep anomaly DNA code may deny their calling is due to fear and their need to fit in. Most people cave into peer pressure and societal scrutiny. It takes a lot of guts to willingly stand out, follow your own rhythm, tune out the criticism of those around you, and still maintain your sanity. Nobody said this path would be easy!

Most people believe bullying starts in grade school, but the truth is bullying starts early in the family dynamic. Narcissistic and toxic relatives see the spark in these “golden children” early on and sadly seek to smother their light.

I remember when I was a child I would get teased for talking “white”, being smart, and not being interested in stereotypical “ignorant black culture.” Growing up “black” in the 90s, if you wanted to be cool you had to brag about being in poverty, but still have the latest Jordan’s. It was respected to get bad grades and behave ignorantly because that’s the image the media showed us was cool. Imagine being bullied for just being you, and not wanting to conform to an image being projected onto you.

Looking in hindsight, I understand why this behavior was allowed in black families. This toxic behavior was learned during slavery in the Americas when the enslaved indigenous people taught their children to dim their shine to avoid standing out and risk being sold off to another family. The cycle never was unlearned, only perpetuated.

Honestly, this subliminal bullying still takes place in my family, but through the years I’ve learned how to deflect and protect myself from their negative energy. With time and discipline I’ve learned to have compassion and realize that people who are miserable with themselves and let their lives pass them by without ever embracing their true calling, tend to project their resentment and self pity onto others. They will try to smother your light because they never fed their own fire. This is why so many mothers envy their daughters, siblings have life long competition, and other family members seek to sabotage and gaslight. Usually, the scapegoat in the family ends up being the Black sheep if they are not careful. This is why protecting your energy is so important, especially growing up in a toxic family.

To learn how to protect your energy I would recommend taking this online Psychic Self Defense and Protection workshop. Once you learn how to work with energies and deflect attacks from others, you will immediately see your life improve! This is the first step in reclaiming your power!

If you ever wondered why black sheep are hated so much, it’s because we offset triggers in people! You are a reflection of the person they could’ve become if they didn't allow their fears to cripple them. They envy you, so they try to break you down to what they are, or what’s left of them. While they lost themselves trying to fit into society, you found yourself by distancing from all the distractions and noise!

Black sheep come to break generational curses, heal deep trauma, and elevate the DNA and frequency of future generations. The black sheep is the pioneer to pave the way towards a new dawn and paradigm. The fact that you not only felt the calling to be different, but you acted upon that feeling says a lot! That’s a big deal considering the majority of your other relatives that caved into peer pressure. You never folded, but stayed true to your Self!

Black sheep are freethinkers! They come to challenge others and the world to do things differently. They see the world through a different lens, and they come to remove these outdated systems that are no longer serving us. Every entrepreneur, inventor, pioneer, and genius of their time was once the black sheep of their family. Who knows, maybe you are suppose to create the next big invention, organization, business, or product that will change the world forever!

Though society may try to give black sheep a bad name, it actually is a badge of honor! You are the anomaly in your blood line; you managed to slip through the cracks and break the code! With you, change will begin to manifest! You have a lot of potential in you that is waiting to be expressed and explored! Take this time to embrace all of your weirdness and wild ideas and utilize it to improve yourself! Remember, we cannot change the world if we have not learned how to go within and change ourselves first!

The next time someone tries to mock you for being a Black sheep, just smile and take it as a compliment. In a world full of copies, it’s refreshing to be an original!

Are you a black sheep? Do you sense you have a higher calling or purpose to fulfill? Let us know!

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7 Kommentare You nailed it Conjure Queen. 💯 I am definitely the Black Sheep and my family is a bunch of narcissist. so I cut them all off for a peace of mind, healing, normal shit. It was way too much fakery and drama and I hope to rid that shit out of my Family DNA. My poor American Indians we have been some pure shit for so long we have LOST WHO WE ARE. Smdh!!

Gefällt mir

07. Jan. 2022

On point...I noticed that I was different from the rest of my siblings when I was just a child. I always embraced it and still do til this day. I have been doing the inner self work and have discovered some amazing things about myself. My days have been very pleasant since I've learned these amazing things.

Gefällt mir

On point

Gefällt mir

Awaken Spirit
Awaken Spirit
05. Jan. 2022

Everything you said was right on point! My family tried to break me more than people I did not even know. Thanks Queen!

Gefällt mir

Peace Goddess, I appreciate this information, yes I am that black sheep in my family always been and yes I do feel I have a much higher calling and purpose to fullfil 🧬☀️💪🏽🗣️👁️, so I've been so focused breaking generational curses over my family

Gefällt mir
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