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Spirituality and Hair

Today I went and got my hair done, and I couldn’t help but think about the connection between hair and spirituality. Some say that hair is the spiritual antenna that connects us to higher cosmic powers. In ancient stories of lore, we have heard rumors that hair possesses mystical properties, and that cutting one’s hair could also cause great harm and take away one’s power. In this article, we will take a closer look at the connection between hair and its spiritual implications.

I remember when I was a little girl, my grandma used to always tell me to be careful where I do my hair, who I allowed to touch my hair, and also to NEVER use another person's hair care tools. This meant that I was not allowed to use my friend's combs, brushes, scrunchies, or anything of the like. To some, this may sound far fetched, but to those who are familiar with black culture or Native American customs, you would be well aware of the power someone can have over you with just a lock of hair!

Many black people, especially the older generation, took superstition seriously, and did not play when it came to their hair. Not because they were stylish and picky about their beautician, but because they knew that if the wrong person got hold of your hair, they could control you! My grandmother used to tell me that after combing my hair, the hair shedding should be collected and either burned or flushed down the toilet immediately! I was always instructed to NEVER leave my hair around for someone to get, because that would put me at risk of my hair falling out or going crazy! Not to mention, rumor has it that if the birds got to your hair and made a nest with it, it would cause a person to have unbearable headaches!

When I look back, as a child, it didn't make any sense; plus I was pretty logical for my age. I didn't see any connection to me or my hair after it departed from my scalp, so I thought it was all crazy talk. Well, let’s just say, my tone changed when I heard a story about a girl I knew who did all the things my grandma warned us NOT to do. Long story short, someone got hold of this girl’s hair and she slowly started to lose her beautiful tresses and eventually went mad. Some may say it was a coincidence, but the likelihood was uncanny. It all started because of a man. The girl had a friend who liked the same guy as her. One day, the friend comes over to style her hair, and things began to slowly spiral downhill for her after that. People in the neighborhood believed that the so-called friend put some roots (a curse) on ol’ girl to make her lose her hair and go crazy.

To put it bluntly, she was getting rid of her competition, and sealing the deal with shooting her shot at the man they both desired. That woman checked into a mental institution and never went back to her normal self again...sad, but true story.

I know you're probably thinking damn that story got pretty dark right?! Well... unfortunately, these are the type of things that go on in the world today; I’m simply bringing it to your attention. On a higher note, our hair helps us connect to the trees and nature. When I cut off my permed hair and began growing out my natural coils, I noticed my empathic and telepathic abilities sharpened drastically! I felt like Pocahontas, in tune with the trees, birds, and everything in between!

I literally felt like every time I walked past a tree it would speak to me. To some, this may sound absurd, but to those who are sensitive and in tune with nature spirits and the elements, can resonate. The first time connecting to an animal, a crystal, or tree is a truly magical experience that cannot be explained in words. It is a feeling that I truly wish everyone could experience at least once in their lifetime.

Since ancient times, the natives have learned from observing the land. There are valuable life lessons to be learned by simply relaxing and watching nature. The flow of the river teaches us the power of being like water, water is the life force and blood of the earth. Without water all animals would die, crops would wither, and there would be no food. Water teaches us to be fluid, patient, and malleable. The rocks and crystals of the earth teaches us to be still, patient, and solidified in our plan. Air teaches us the beauty in movement, to avoid stagnation, to be flexible and adapt to any form and go any place. Air teaches us freedom. Fire teaches us the delicate balance between creation and destruction. A fire can give warmth, food, and forge tools; but a fire left out of control can pillage a village, destroy forestry, and consume a person with anger.

The key here is learning how to utilize these different elements and finding a balance with all of them. If a person lacks drive they need more fire, if a person is too emotional they need grounding, if a person is too stagnant, stubborn, or bored they need more air, if a woman is barren or a man impotent, they need more water. Water is life force, sexual energy, blood, spiritual power and creative expression.

When we honor our hair, take care of our tresses, the universe in turn does the same for us. Our hair is our crown of glory, this is where we receive information from the divine! When our hair is dirty and unkept it can create impure thought forms and negativity to manifest in our lives. For those who may be hypersensitive to energy and everything around them, it is advised to cover your hair with a headwrap, preferably white, to deflect any type of unwanted energy. Covering the head with white is also a good practice for protection for those who may do healing work and deal with various types of energy. For instance, if you are a nurse, massage therapist, hairdresser, psychic, reiki practitioner, work in a hospital, cemetery, funeral home or an place dealing with ill or deceased people, it is imperative that you take precautions to cover your hair. Wearing a hat, hoodie, or stylish scarf over your head are fashionable ways to protect your energy.

What do you think about hair and spirituality? Does your family have any superstitious beliefs regarding hair? What methods do you use to honor your hair and protect your energy field? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Here is a video discussing Hair and Spirituality

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Sean Lockhart
Sean Lockhart
Mar 20, 2021

This was i divine time this happened to me and new it then but didn’t trust my intuition. It took my 7 years to fight back from it. I’m a cancer so kn what time it is lol. We don’t take losses we learn lessons. I can see in the darkness and I’m not blinded by light.

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