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Cancer Full Moon 2022!

The cancer full moon will be in full effect Monday January 17, 2022! The full moon normally amplifies emotions, intentions, dreams, psychic powers, and energies, but the cancer full moon makes these lunar energies extra potent!

How will this Cancer Full Moon Affect You?

Cancer is the zodiac signed known for being motherly, nurturing, caring, and warm. This full moon may make some mommy issues resurface if you have not healed them. This is the time to be more nurturing and kind to yourself. Please do not push yourself beyond your limit. You can wait for the Leo full moon to do that! But this full moon, you want to take things slow, ease yourself into transition. Whatever seeds you planted during the new moon a couple weeks ago, you want to water and nurture those seeds now.

Get ready for the emotions:

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t like to dwell in your emotions, or perhaps you push them to the side and suppress them, get ready to feel them full time. Emotions are completely normal, and there is nothing to feel ashamed about when they come up. Remember, you are having a human experience so emotions will come up to give you cues and signals as to what’s going on. Your spirit communicates to you through your emotions. The more you are in tuned with your emotions, the more connected you are with your spirit. Tune into your emotions and figure out what they are trying to teach you!

Lucid Dreams, Astral Projection, and Prophecy:

Keep a journal near your bed because your dreams will be speaking to you more clearly than ever! If you ever had issues remembering your dreams, now is the time to actively tune into your subconscious mind and tap into the dream world. Drinking mugwort tea is excellent for prophetic dreams. But be mindful, pregnant and breast feeding women should NOT consume mugwort! If you cannot drink the tea, then burn some as incense.

Ancestors and loved ones may visit you in your dreams with messages. Your subconscious speaks to you in signs and symbols so pay close attention to what these dreams are revealing to you! If you need help decoding your dreams an excellent book to check out is: SIGNS AND SYMBOLS.

Magick Rituals To Perform For This Moon?

Some great rituals to perform for this cancer full moon is releasing emotional baggage and subconscious blocks. Our subconscious mind is so powerful that it controls 90% of our life. By rewiring your subconscious, you can also change your reality. Everything starts with the mind. “The universe is mental all is mind”- The Kybalion (another MUST READ book!)

Self love rituals are also excellent for this full moon. Take a nice hot bath with roses, milk, and honey. Invoke the moon goddess to shower you with attraction and beauty. Invoke confidence and renewal so that you can have the courage to go after your goals and dreams!

Fertility and Sex magick is great for this full moon too! If you have been wanting to conceive or wanting to spice up your sex life, then tap into this Cancer full moon energy and make it happen!

Divination and channeling:

Use this Cancer full moon to tap into your psychic gifts. There are several oracles to use to connect with the divine and receive messages. Find what medium works best for you and utilize this tool to increase your psychic powers and tune into the frequency of the divine. A favorite oracle deck of mine is the Egyptian Book of Doors Deck! A really great workshop that teaches you how to tap into your psychic abilities is the Spiritism and Mediumship Class.

There is so much you can do with this full moon energy. The moon is at home in cancer, so take this time to purge what no longer serves you, and manifest the reality you desire! The world is yours! You do not need permission to be great! Tap into your magical power and make it happen! Embrace and embody the powerful divine being that you are!

What plans do you have for the Cancer full moon?

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champagne morales
champagne morales
Jan 18, 2022

Ur always right on time Luv😘


i promise, u always bring the signs I need to see n hear ❤️❤️


Nykelah Dugas
Nykelah Dugas
Jan 17, 2022



Caitlynn Kelling
Caitlynn Kelling
Jan 17, 2022

Thank you for this gem! The books you suggest are very helpful. Thank you for all you do and all that you are.

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