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Are You An Empath? Discover The 10 Signs!

Are You An Empath? Discover The 10 Signs!

In a world brimming with diverse personalities, empaths shine as individuals deeply attuned to the emotions and energies around them. An empath is not just someone who is highly sensitive to others' feelings; they absorb these emotions, experiencing them as if they were their own. This rare gift enables profound connections but also presents unique challenges.

What is an Empath?

An empath is a person with the innate ability to intuitively feel and perceive others' emotional states. This heightened sensitivity allows for deep empathetic engagement with people, animals, and even places. However, being an empath goes beyond emotional intelligence or sympathy—it involves a direct transference of feelings, often leading to profound empathetic and emotional experiences.

The Challenges

Empaths face distinctive challenges, including emotional overload, difficulty in setting boundaries, and often feeling misunderstood by those around them. The constant influx of others' emotions can lead to exhaustion, making it crucial for empaths to find strategies to protect their energy and ensure their well-being.

The 10 Signs You Might Be an Empath

  1. Deeply Feeling Others' Emotions: You don't just empathize; you feel others' pain, joy, or anxiety as if it were your own.

  2. Highly Intuitive: Beyond logic, you have a keen sense of understanding people and situations. To strengthen your intuition and learn how to navigate it download our Spiritism and Mediumship Class

  3. Need for Solitude: After social interactions, you find solitude essential to recharge and declutter your emotions.

  4. Love of Nature: Natural environments are not just preferences; they are necessities for your emotional and energetic reset.

  5. Overwhelm in Crowds: Busy places can feel overwhelming, bombarding you with a spectrum of emotions.

  6. People Turn to You: Your ability to understand and validate feelings makes people seek you out for comfort and advice.

  7. Emotional Burnout: You're prone to feeling drained due to the constant emotional engagement with others' feelings.

  8. Avoidance of Negative Media: News or violent content affects you deeply, often to the point of avoidance.

  9. Knowing Without Knowing: You frequently understand the unspoken or concealed emotions of others.

  10. Absorbing Emotions: You might find your mood inexplicably changing based on the emotions of those around you.

The Advantages

Despite the challenges, being an empath has its advantages. Empaths are often great listeners, compassionate friends, and intuitive decision-makers. Their unique perspective and understanding can lead to deep connections with others and a profound sense of fulfillment in helping and understanding the emotional landscape of those around them.

Suggestions To Help Empaths Find Balance

If you find yourself always drained and fatigued it's most likely because you have not learned how to properly protect and balance your energy yet. Every empath should know effective methods to protect their energy. In this Protection and Psychic Self Defense Class, we teach all the tools an empath needs to keep out unwanted energies and how to transmute negative energy into positive. Being part of a community with other empaths who you can relate to is also helpful to your mental health and journey.


Being an empath is both a gift and a challenge. If you've found yourself nodding along with these signs, you might just be part of this unique group of individuals who navigate the world through a deeply emotional lens.

Are you an empath? Which of these signs resonated with you the most? Share your experiences and thoughts in the comments below. Your insights not only help us understand the empath experience better but also enrich our community with diverse perspectives.


Whew! 😩 I definitely don't know how to transmute negative energy into positive. I shut down A LOT. And I'm at a place where it's hard to deal with being around ppl. It feels so exhausting. I've considered myself a people's person in the past but, it seems like it was when I was with the wrong crowd (before my awakening). ALL of them resonated with me.


Feb 23

I always hear people say that they are empaths and I never really understood the full definition. This is helpful and from the looks of it I am one? lol. I resonate with all the above and now everything makes sense. Biggest one is I literally say out loud on a weekly basis I'm emotionally exhausted.

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