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Your Dreams Are Telling You Something!

Since antiquity dreams have been known to be powerful tools to receive messages from spirit guides, ancestors, and beings from different dimensions. Dreams are also known to be prophetic, enabling the individual to see a glimpse of the future. Many scientists are still unable to fully understand the dream world, but fortunately there are certain spiritual people who have discovered how to manipulate their reality through channeling their dreams!

Dreams are a way for our subconscious mind to reveal things to us that we would have over looked in our waking life. The symbols in dreams all have important meanings no matter how surreal or strange they may seem. For instance, dreaming that someone or something is chasing you is telling you that you are running from a responsibility or perhaps a fear that you are not willing to face. Dreaming about losing your teeth reflects losing confidence and also how you see yourself (self image). Losing teeth could also be an omen of bad luck, death, or spiritual attack.

When you have dreams about a specific person it means that person could be visiting you in the astral world to tell you something, Even when our bodies are sound asleep, our spirits are still very much alive, active, traveling, and communicating with others. Lucid dreaming is the ability to control your dreams and remember the details after waking up. A tip to remember your dreams is to sleep with a clean glass of water under your bed. Also, hanging a dream catcher that as been blessed over your bed is good for catching bad dreams.

Dream interpretation is a powerful sacred art and science that has been practiced since Ancient Egyptian times. The Kemetic priesthood was specialized in dream walking and Oneiromancy: the ability to see prophecies through dreams. Dreams can also give you glimpses into your future, and also warn you about impending doom.

Dreams speak a special language, the language of symbology. Sweet Dreams!

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