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Daily Tarot: Petro Erzulie La Flambeau

Daily Tarot: Tuesday June 27, 2017 A.D. Deck:New Orleans Voodoo Card: Petro Erzulie La Flambeau Channeled Message: "Having this human experience can be very testing. We have to learn how to handle our emotions responsibly while also respecting the emotions of others. As the sun is in Cancer do keep in mind that emotions and feelings are at an all time high! Feelings that once were suppressed and ignored will begin to resurface. Emotions are meant to be acknowledged, felt, and released. When we tend to hold on to sadness, anger, pain, regret, and shame we do our spirit and body a huge disservice. Sometimes we love someone so much but when they betray us or cause us pain by taking us for granted we want vengeance. We want to make them hurt just as bad as they hurt us. And although revenge feels good temporarily, be careful not to get consumed into it. Sometimes, our hearts can grow dark and heavy when we hold on to grudges and vengeance for so long. Erzulie La Flambeau comes to you to tell you she will help you fight your battles, she will avenge you for the wrongs that were done. The universe always works with balance, the tides will shift and that person will definitely get their due. But she doesn't want you to waste your time and energy with focusing on the Demise of another human being. Because remember, whatever you focus on, you will undoubtedly attract. If you focus on love, you will attract love, if you focus on hate, you will attract low vibrational beings who function on that hateful energy. Forgive yourself, and forgive the other person. Not for them, but for yourself. Do not allow the spirit of vengeance to consume your heart and dim your light. Your heart is the compass and light that leads the way, but when it loses its shine you can easily get lost in this dark world. We are naturally meant to love, hate is something we learned while residing here. Get back to your natural state. Take sweet baths to ease up your spirit. Cut the cords from the past so that you can start a new future. And remember, no matter how much curses, hexes, or pains you send to another person, it will never make the pain they caused you to go away. Only you can work towards your healing. The sooner you start to heal yourself, the faster you will move on and attract better! ❤" 

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