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Life of a Brooklyn Bruja

In the African American community, its frowned upon to dibble and dabble in any form of spiritual practice that is outside the norms of Christianity. Growing up in a Christian home was challenging, but growing up in a society that made me limit my gifts and abilities was torture. 

Many children of the Stars who incarnate into this physical plane have endured early challenges in life. These challenges were set in motion for us to learn to quicker adapt to a new environment that is much different from our true homes. Some may call us starseeds, light workers, empaths, aliens, witches, freaks, and weirdos, but honestly there is not a name that can fully define who we truly are because we are advanced infinite beings.

Society forces us to adapt and conform into boring, obedient, complacent servants that does whatever we're told. But the children who have special "DNA", are not built for this limited  way of living. We came here to disrupt the slave system and liberate the children of earth. 

As I decide to take a step away from society and walk into my truth, I lost close friends, lovers, family, and somewhat even my sanity! But through introspection and isolation my reality shifted and I started realizing that I wasn't alone and that there were more people like me in this world! What a breath of fresh air it was! I created a group called Divine Royalty because I knew that if the children of the stars collaborated it would create a huge shift in the reality as we know it. It was torture feeling alone in a twisted world filled with human robots. Something within me knew it was time for a change! I knew that I probably wouldn't be  able to change the world by myself, but I made an oath that I would be the one to start a movement that could ignight the flame of change.

Who ever would've thought such a powerful group and movement would be ignited by a simple introverted Brooklyn Girl? Certainly not me!

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