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10 Signs You Are an Entrepreneur

Have you ever contemplated quitting your job? Perhaps you have amazing ideas and big dreams, but don't feel confident enough to take action? If you have been considering taking the leap of faith towards owning your own business and financial freedom, then keep reading to see if you have the 10 signs of an entrepreneur!

1. You Struggle Finding A Job That Fits You!

Majority of people go to school, and have an idea of what career field they want to pursue. But not you, perhaps in school you changed your major several times, tried different jobs to see what fits, but still you find yourself out of place or feeling like something is missing. The reason is, most entrepreneurs don’t fit into the mold of the majority, they are meant to create something new! They are the pioneers of the new age, and shrinking themselves to fit into outdated ways of thinking or jobs just don’t sit well with them. They will continue to feel restless and unfulfilled until they make that unique idea a reality!

2. You Are A Risk Taker:

It takes guts to be an entrepreneur, run your own business, and take the path most won’t dare to take! The human brain is designed to protect itself from danger, fears, and anything that goes against one’s comfort zones. Entrepreneurs are people who know that life is full of risks. When you don't take risks, you risk having regrets, and the biggest risk is one day lying on your deathbed wondering how life passed you by. People who are destined to be entrepreneurs understand that with great risks come great rewards. Every successful entrepreneur has taken major risks somewhere in their journey, which allowed them to grow and prosper!

3. You Are A Black Sheep:

If the path was meant to be easy and popular, then everyone would do it! Most entrepreneurs and pioneers are usually the black sheep of society. They think differently than most people, and are usually ahead of their time with their genius ideas! Many people laughed at the idea that someday we would be able to stare into a box with moving images (television). Now we have handheld ones that allow us to connect with people all over the world, and read inspirational blog posts like this! The reason most entrepreneurs are black sheeps is because they are usually the different one in the family, the rebellious one who finds their own way, the quiet introverted one that is always thinking about ways to improve themselves, society, and the world. Most billionaires of today keep a very small social circle, because they understand that when it comes to relationships, its not the quantity, but the quality that counts the most!

4. You Are A Jack/ Jane of all Trades:

You are multi talented and skilled! You have so many things you are good at but don’t know exactly how to apply it. As an entrepreneur, you will find yourself doing multiple things for your business: ad copy, marketing, promotions, sales, customer service, inventory, and that's just scratching the surface! Once you become more established as an entrepreneur we recommend to outsource and automate. This not only gives you more free time to create, but it also helps give other people jobs to support themselves and their families.

5. You Are Rebellious:

Have you ever felt that the current system of the world is a bit off? Like maybe there is more to life than just going to school, working for someone else your entire life, to only be buried in debt? Yeah, we felt that way too! Entrepreneurs come to not only question the current system of the world and job market, but they come to reinvent their own! Most successful entrepreneurs are rebellious because they challenge societal norms, and pave the way for many others! This lead us into our next point:

6. You're A Natural Leader:

Have you ever found yourself taking on leadership roles in school, at work, or even in your friendships? Are you usually the person organizing events, initiating ideas at work, and giving solutions to people’s problems? Most entrepreneurs are natural born leaders, which makes them charismatic, magnetic, and influential to all those they come in contact with! People may often seek your advice, take your input seriously, and even trust you with their life! Natural leaders are not bossy, they do not abuse their power, but rather they use it to set a positive example for others to follow. The world is full of followers and leaders. The majority of the population follow blindly without question, but entrepreneurs do not follow anyone, they pave their own way. However, this isn't to be confused with getting coaching. All successful entrepreneurs and leaders have advisors and coaches that give them insight, guidance, and tools to equip them towards their goals. Even kings have royal advisors!

This is why we are offering 1:1 private business coaching for entrepreneurs that are serious about taking their goals to the next level! Use the coupon code: “ENTREPRENEUR” for 20% off our business coaching services!

7. You Are Innovative & Creative:

What makes entrepreneurs different from everyone else? Their creative and innovative minds of course! Entrepreneurs have a strong sense of curiosity and wonder! This is what allows them to continue to grow and reach heights that most people can't even imagine! They don't think small like the majority of people, instead, they are always thinking outside the box and even ahead of their time! Just because other people may not see your vision, doesn't mean it will fail. That vision or idea was giving to YOU for a reason! Every powerful multibillion dollar business started with just an idea! Never forget this!

8. You Love Learning:

Most people stop learning after they graduate from school, but not you! You find pleasure in learning new things, taking up new hobbies, and mastering new skills. People who are destined to be entrepreneurs are constantly improving themselves because they know that life is all about growth. When you stop growing, you die. Human beings have unlimited potential and are designed to constantly learn, grow, and evolve! In fact, most successful entrepreneurs read books everyday and attend conferences and events with powerful speakers because they understand the invaluable power of knowledge!

9. You Believe Mistakes Are Lessons, Not Set Backs:

Unlike most people who give up after their first attempt towards success, entrepreneurs understand that one must fail towards their way to success. People who are destined to be entrepreneurs understand that there are lessons to be learned in every mistake and detour. Instead of focusing on the issue and feeling sorry for themselves, entrepreneurs reassess all their missteps, and use that as fuel to correct their mistakes and make better choices in the future. There is an old saying that goes, “The only difference between the student and the teacher, is that the teacher became wiser by making more mistakes!”

10. You Are A Problem Solver:

Think of any popular brand or business, and realize that these businesses became successful by solving a huge problem. We live in a world full of all types of problems, and entrepreneurs have the remedy to fix this! Have skin problems, there's a cream to fix that! Need to lose weight? There are fitness trainers and health specialists that can help you reach your fitness goals. The list goes on, but you get the idea. The key to becoming a successful entrepreneur is by discovering what big issue society has, and how YOU can implement the solution!

Since you read this far, here is a bonus!!!

People who are destined to be entrepreneurs are resilient and adaptable! Things change over time, and the businesses who fail are the ones who can't adapt to change. The ones who prosper take initiative to study the market, and make the necessary changes to remain relevant. Blockbuster got destroyed by Netflix, and Yellow taxi services got replaced with Uber. Most people cave at the sign of change, but not you! As a person destined to be an entrepreneur, You welcome change and challenges because this encourages you to think of new creative ideas to expand, improve, and contribute to a better world!

So what do you think? Did you have any of the qualities on the list! If so, tell us which of the signs you resonated with the most. If you checked off most of the list, comment:

“I’m An Entrepreneur!”

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