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Spiritual Mentorship

Get mentorship on your spiritual journey

Service Description

This service is for those who are seeking mentorship and coaching in their spiritual journey and magical studies. It's preferred to come with a goal or an idea of what you want to focus on so we can better assist you. If you are unsure of your goal or need clarity on what to focus on, please book a Life Path reading first. An idea of what you'll get with private mentorship: -Life coaching and guidance in your spiritual journey -Assistance in magick, relationships, business, money, herbalism, potions, rituals, divination, etc... -Advice on working with ancestors and spirit guides -Resources and tools to further your studies & practice -Practical and straight forward answers to questions -Assignments and homework to help develop your spiritual abilities and attain your goals After you book your appointment, you will receive a confirmation email with a zoom link. Check your junk mail just in case. You will need this link in order to