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Hello there! Thanks for contacting me! Please see the quick links below concerning FAQs: 


Q. How do I book a reading? What are the prices and details of services?



Q. Can you promote my business/brand?

A. Sure, please email brand and promo details.


Q.Where can I send you stuff?

A. PO Box 6372, Metairie, LA 70009


Q. Where can I find free spiritual wellness tips and resources?


Q. How can I sign up for online classes?


Q. How can I support you and help the spiritual movement?


Q. Where can I find the Divine Royalty Official Facebook Group?


Q. When will you restock a product?

When items restock we will send out an email blast to everyone signed up to the mailing list on


Q. How can I speak with you regarding an urgent matter I'd prefer not to write via email?

About Us: Inner_about
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